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Recent Posts in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Category

Tribune Co. Buys More Time in Bankruptcy Reorganization

Tribune Co., parent company of the Los Angeles Times, KTLA-TV Channel 5, and other various media outlets, is trying to buy more time to negotiate with its creditors before having to propose a ...
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Blockbuster May File for Bankruptcy

Rumor is that movie rental chain Blockbuster Inc. may be heading to bankruptcy court. With almost $860 million in debt and high competition from rental kiosks, by-mail rentals, and online downloads, ...
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Reader’s Digest Comes Out of Bankruptcy With Lower Debt Load

Reader’s Digest Association, Inc. has emerged from bankruptcy with much of its debt eliminated and a new board of directors. The company was able to lower its debts of $2.2 billion by 75%, while at ...
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Hollywood Video Files for Bankruptcy

The Associated Press has reported that Hollywood Video, a movie and video game rental store, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The owners of the video chain, Movie Gallery Inc., say they are ...
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Yellow Pages Publisher Emerges From Bankruptcy

The publisher of Yellow pages has recently emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy under a new name and with a new balance sheet. After spending the last eight months restricting its finances and cutting ...
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Daphne’s Greek Café Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

The owners of Daphne’s Greek Café have filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11. Despite the bankruptcy filing, the restaurant said that operations will continue as normal at all 69 of its ...
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Long Standing Los Angeles Bank Holding Company Files for Bankruptcy

After the 80-year-old Los Angeles savings and loan holding company was closed last month by bank regulators, the parent company of FirstFed Financial Corp. has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In its ...
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