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Blog Posts in January, 2010

Bankruptcy is Not the Only Option

If you are struggling under debt that just seems to keep accumulating, you may have considered filing for bankruptcy. While bankruptcy is a viable solution to resolving your debts, there are some ...
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Radio Network Stops Operations Pending Bankruptcy Filing

The poor economy has taken another victim, this time radio network Air America. Air America Chairman Charlie Kireker announced the network is pulling the plug on its broadcast as it prepares to file ...
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Common Bankruptcy Myths

There are several myths and misconceptions associated with filing for bankruptcy, all of which might turn someone away who is need of debt relief. Myth: Only losers file for bankruptcy. This is ...
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Daphne’s Greek Café Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

The owners of Daphne’s Greek Café have filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11. Despite the bankruptcy filing, the restaurant said that operations will continue as normal at all 69 of its ...
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Hotel Foreclosure Rates Quadruple in California

Business Week is reporting that the foreclosure rate of hotels in California quadrupled between 2008 and 2009. According to Atlas Hospitality Group, there were 62 hotel foreclosures in California in ...
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Long Standing Los Angeles Bank Holding Company Files for Bankruptcy

After the 80-year-old Los Angeles savings and loan holding company was closed last month by bank regulators, the parent company of FirstFed Financial Corp. has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In its ...
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Personal Bankruptcy Filings Increase Nationwide

According to new figures released by the National Bankruptcy Research Center, the number of Americans who filed for personal bankruptcy increased by almost a third in 2009. There were 1.41 million ...
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Stop Creditor Harassment

Many people who have fallen into debt are subjected to illegal creditor harassment. It is against federal law for creditors or collection agencies to continue to harass a debtor, even if thousands of ...
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Getting Your Finances Back on Track

After filing for bankruptcy, it’s important to take the appropriate steps to restore your credit as quickly as possible. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that filing for bankruptcy will permanently ...
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