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Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer

Should I File?

"Should I file?" This is an important question to consider in the face of overwhelming debt. Should you file for bankruptcy? How will this affect you now and in the future? What are the potential advantages of filing? Can bankruptcy really stop  foreclosure and creditor harassment? These are just a few of the important topics that will need to be addressed when you make the decision of whether to file for bankruptcy. They are all topics that an experienced attorney can help you with.

Talking to a Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer who has experience in this field is a good opportunity for you to learn more about  Chapter 7 and  Chapter 13 bankruptcy, foreclosure, creditor harassment, debt settlement, bankruptcy alternatives and the many other topics related to debt relief. At Accident Lawyers, we offer a free consultation to discuss your financial situation and what we can do to help. We can offer you information that is applicable to your unique financial condition and that addresses your particular concerns. Our goal is to help you make the right choice about filing for bankruptcy, not to pressure you into something that you may regret later. If bankruptcy isn't the right option for you, we can help you explore your alternatives. The objective will be to work out a solution that helps you now and in the long run.

Filing for Bankruptcy in Los Angeles

There are numerous potential benefits that can be taken advantage of by filing for bankruptcy - when this is the right option for a debtor. For example, all debt collection efforts against you must cease when you file, meaning you can finally experience relief from constant phone calls and letters from angry creditors. Bankruptcy also places an automatic stay on foreclosure proceedings, offering you the opportunity to look at options to save your home. Once your case is completed, bankruptcy will result in the elimination of all eligible debt, meaning you will have no further responsibility to pay it. However, bankruptcy can also negatively affect your credit and may not discharge all types of debt. An attorney at our offices can explain all aspects of this important process to you in order to help you decide whether to file.

Contact a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney at our firm today to learn more.