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Los Angeles Loan Modification Attorney

Loan Modification Lawyer in Los Angeles

As you can see from the news on television and the paper, millions of Americans are currently facing foreclosure. If you are one of them, you may attempt to get a loan modification from your bank by yourself. However, you will find it extremely frustrating. Most of the time when you first contact your lender, the first person you speak to will not get you to the correct department. Most lenders, as evidenced by the lack of any significant numbers of loan modifications actually being done, don't want to modify your loan. Their main concern is their bottom line, not yours. Once you are finally able to reach someone who seems to know what you need, you will likely be placed on hold for very long periods of time. Sometimes you will hold for over half an hour and then get cut off. You then have to start all over again, explaining the same thing to someone else in hopes of getting to the correct department. What about having to send your paperwork over and over because it got "lost". Unfortunately, this seems to be the normal method banks are utilizing to keep you from actually being able to get a loan modification.

We know that you took out the loan on your home in good faith, but did the mortgage broker or lender do the same? As has been mentioned repeatedly in the media, there was a considerable amount of fraud and abuse of charges and fees on the part of many lenders and brokers. You deserve a thorough review of your loan to see if you qualify for a loan modification that will allow you to stay in your home. Please exercise your legal rights and contact a loan modification attorney that is familiar with the procedures that need to be taken in order to reach the correct departments and obtain the needed relief on your mortgage.

Los Angeles Loan Modification Lawyer

Not all loan modifications are created equal. You need the assistance of a professional in order to obtain the best modification possible. Many lenders will offer you what seems to be a good deal, until you read the fine print. Their offers are very often not in your best interests, nor do they really lower your monthly payments to the level an experienced attorney could likely get for you. Most lenders are aware that when contacted by an attorney, they have someone on the line that knows your legal rights. They will not be able to brush off or ignore our demands for a fair loan modification. With the value of homes plummeting, this type of a modification is in your best interests and could save you thousands of dollars. We encourage you to contact a loan modification attorney to assist you as this firm does not take on loan modification cases. It could save you a considerable amount of money, as well as your home.