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You Need Attorney Advice for your Debt Settlement

Bankruptcy Attorney Handling Debt Settlement

You may find yourself with an amount of debt you can no longer afford to repay for various reasons. Often there are life situations that occur, creating this overwhelming debt. Divorce, loss of a job, medical bills, these can all add up to your now being in the position you are in. Regardless of the reason for your debt, we at Pacific Attorney Group can provide you with the tools you need to handle the situation.

Bankruptcy is not always the right choice for everyone. It may be that debt settlement or negotiation will be what is what you really need to get your finances back on track. Whether you are merely behind on your payments or being sued, we can help you. With our highly trained team of skilled negotiators, the experienced Bankruptcy attorneys at Pacific Attorney Group can assist you in handling your debt down to a manageable level where you can once again get back on your feet.

Why a Bankruptcy Lawyer is Right for You

There are many debt negotiation companies out there, but most lack the legal know-how to effectively represent you with your creditors. Because of the many methods creditors use to attempt to collect, if you get sued during the settlement process a debt negotiation company will not be able to adequately protect you. We can. We will fully inform you of all the options and potential risks of each one as part of our decision process. We can even defend you in court against any creditors should they choose to pursue it that far.

We can assist you with many types of debt, including credit card debt, medical bills, personal loans, auto loans, mortgages and even IRS debt. Most people don't know that many lenders are willing to settle for less than the total amount owed. In these current financial times, many lenders have been sold to other banks for a fraction of what their assets were and so are more willing to settle for less than the full amount as they are still not losing money on that debt. Some debt can be negotiated as low as 25-50% of the initial amount owed.

We are eager to assist you in getting you finances back in order by negotiating your debt down to a manageable level. Contact our office to speak with a concerned and caring attorney from our office.

To find out if debt settlement is right for you, contact us today.