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Credit Restoration Attorney in Los Angeles

How do I repair my credit?

Following some type of debt settlement or a bankruptcy, many people wonder if their credit is ruined for good. Well, this is not the case. There are ways to improve your credit rating and it is something that can be started right away. At Accident Lawyers, we are qualified Credit restoration attorneys who can work with you to restore your good credit.

Once your debt negotiation or bankruptcy goes through, there will be a number of negative items on your credit report that may end up costing you in other ways if not handled. Having been behind on your payments prior to the debt settlement or bankruptcy will appear on your record, as will the bankruptcy itself. But one of the good factors about having already settled your debt is that this now reflects on your credit report. It will show that you have little to no debt outstanding. If you used our services to negotiate your debt settlement, we would have ensured that we obtained a "satisfaction letter", which will be sent to the credit bureaus to ensure that they show your debts as having been settled and no longer outstanding. Because your credit is rated by a FICO score, when a debt shows settled, this reduces the overall amount of debt that is being utilized, which over time will improve your score. A bankruptcy or credit counseling actually can reflect more negatively on your FICO score.

Los Angeles Credit Restoration Attorney

Regardless of the method used for your debt settlement, there are ways to help restore your good credit so that you will once again be able to obtain new credit. Having a good credit score can possibly impact your auto insurance rates as well as auto loan rates. The more you can improve your score through our help and guidance, the better your financial future will be.

Let us review your circumstances to see what we can do to help you improve your credit worthiness. Whether you are seeing us for advice on settling your debts or after you have already completed that step, we can assist you with the proper direction to take for your future financial health.