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Bankruptcy Attorney in Los Angeles

Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Are you overwhelmed by debts?  Are there creditors calling you, harassing you?  Have you had your wages garnished?  Trouble making all of your payments?  These are questions many hard working, decent people are answering "yes" to right now.  What to do?  There are answers for you, and our firm, Pacific Attorney Group, can provide you with those answers.

Bankruptcy is just not for everyone.  Whether it's because you don't feel it is the right thing to do or simply because financially it wouldn't make sense to limit your assets to such an extent, the fact is there are other answers that will resolve the problem of your mounting debts.  If you own a home and are having trouble keeping up with the payments, we can help you with that as well.  There are a variety of options to get you back on your feet.  Below we will outline a brief explanation of some of the options you have.

  • Credit card and personal loan debt - If you have somehow gotten to a point where you can no longer make your monthly credit card payments, we can negotiate with the card companies to reduce not only your interest rate, but your outstanding balance.
  • Auto Loans - We can negotiate these as well, again either by lowering the interest rate, the length of the loan to decrease your payments, or the total amount owed.
  • Short Sale - If you own your home but do not want to or simply can't afford to keep it, we can assist you with getting your bank to approve a Short Sale.  This means they will accept less than the loan amount you owe when the home is sold to an approved buyer.  You will not be pursued for the balance of the loan by the bank.
  • Foreclosure - You may be behind on your house payments to the point of a threatened foreclosure.  We can help stop that process and get you onto some type of payment option that you can live with.
  • Deed in Lieu - Some lenders will agree to you turning over the deed to your home as full satisfaction of the amount you owe them, rather than to foreclose on your home.  We know all the details on how this can be done.  This will also not impact your credit as much as a bankruptcy or foreclosure.
  • Loan Modification - If you want to keep you home, but you just can't afford the current payments, there are various option on modify your loan.  We can negotiate with the lender to lower your interest rate, lower your principal amount owing, or extend the length of the note.  All of these will result in a lower monthly payment that will enable you to remain in your home.

Bankruptcy Lawyer for Los Angeles

As you can see, there are many ways we can help you through this difficult time.  By carefully reviewing your personal financial picture, we can decide together which options are best for you.  Ultimately you will want to arrive at the other end of this ordeal with a debt amount you can comfortably handle and with knowledge we can provide you to ensure you do not end up in this situation again.  At Pacific Attorney Group we care about our clients.  We want to ultimately see them doing well and prospering.  We can help you achieve financial freedom through the skilled help of our bankruptcy attorneys.  Contact us today for your free consultation.

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